Druid is independent film and video production based in Novi Sad/Serbia.

Active since 2005, the team of professionals of various origin and

academic background is being engaged on project bases.

Druid is experienced in co-productions and also provides production and

post-production services for shooting in SEE region.



the  Team


Nenad Mikalacki was born in Novi Sad, ex-Yugoslavia. In 2001 he graduates in Film and TV Directing at National University of Drama and Film (UNATC) in Bucharest/Romania. He wrote, directed and produced several fiction films and documentaries, among them Mr Mr, The Last Swan Lake and At Home, the winner of Robert Bosch Stiftung coproduction prize.


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Jelena Marjanović is MA at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad at the Department of Comparative Literature. She has been engaged in various film productions as scriptwriter, proof-reader, translator, continuity and script supervizor.

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Mihajlo Vujasin is a freelance journalist and researcher. He was a journalist in the daily newspaper `Dnevnik`, an author of the documentary `The Town` (Gradić, TVNS, 2005.) and a researcher and scriptwriter for the documentary `Excessive Freedom` (Suvišna sloboda, ZFZ, 2015.)


As a trained pilot, Zoran Marinković has made name for himself as an expert in aerial, underwater and other combined shooting.