Serbian, English, Chinese,


DSCF3434Within a transitional society, an old part of the 
city is trying to adapt and survive. Guided by a
young boy and his dog, we observe its transformation,
gentrification and hear a poem about the city,
the country,
the region,
the world.

While his father builds and repairs river boats in his workshop in
the Chinese quarter/Northern Serbia, Andrej (10) and his dog (China, 12)
roam around and explore this unique neighborhood. They know everybody and
everybody knows them. For Andrej, and China, this place is home.
The boy hears bad news around the quarter: all the workshops will be
demolished, all the craftsmen evicted and something new and unknown shall
replace them. The locals, including Andrej's father, are getting organized
in attempt to stop this.
Andrej and China find themselves in the middle of the conflict between
Goliath (the authorities and investors) and David (the locals).

Story: Jelena Marjanović, Nenad Mikalački
Director of photography:
Various DPs
Nenad Mikalački
Financed by:
Municipal department for culture of city of Novi Sad / Serbia
Film center of Serbia